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When it comes to creating a small business website, perhaps nothing is more important than having a website design that reflects your company brand image. As unfair as it may sound, today's internet users will often judge the credibility of your small business based purely on the look, feel, and design of your site. Effective web design must grab the attention of your audience and provide ease of use for all visitors.

An SEO website design is a site design developed with both the users and search engines in mind ("SEO friendly"). While finding a web designer may seem easy, getting a SEO website designed is not an easy task! This is particularly true when trying to setup a content management system (CMS) or shopping cart website. There may be many web design solutions available, but very few consider getting your website ranked in the search engines. As an SEO company, we provide custom design solutions that provide your small business with a unique web design, effective website usability, and SEO friendly design.

SEO Web Design Features:

  • Unique & Custom Website Design
  • Cross Browser Compliance & W3C Validated
  • Clean Code Base / Flexible CSS Design
  • SEO Friendly CMS and/or SEO Shopping Cart
  • Search Engine Optimized Page Elements
  • SEO Friendly URL structure
  • Search Friendly Menu Navigation
  • Internal Link Architecture
  • Optional: Website Conversion Services Available
SEO Friendly Design

Our SEO web designs are developed on open-source MySQL and PHP platforms that provide feature-rich, scalable, and flexible solutions for your small business. See our SEO Friendly CMS and SEO Shopping Cart solutions for more details.


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