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Co-registration Leads

Every day millions of people visit websites owned by our online publishers and their networks. Several of these visitors actively engage themselves online by making purchases, signing up for email newsletters, or also by participating in online surveys.

Co-registration leads (a.k.a. "coreg leads") are generated as part of these lead capturing processes. For example, when a customer is in the process of opting-in for an email newsletter, a co-registration form may be displayed as part of the opt-in process to give the customer an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter as well.

Sample Coreg display for a simple opt-in lead:
coreg sample

Simply put, co-registration is a method of lead generation where advertisers promote their product or service as part of an other website's registration process. It's a true win-win process - advertisers pay-for-performance only when co-registration leads are generated, and publishers earn incremental revenue by supplying lead referrals.

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