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Marketing for Nonprofits

Let’s face it - nonprofits simply do not share the same advantages and resources that most large corporations enjoy. This is especially true when considering online marketing. When it comes to internet marketing, ad space is limited and top placement typically goes to the highest bidder with the largest pockets. And so, corporations can easily eat up most of the internet ad space market share.

At Divinity Star – we believe it’s time for that to change. We help nonprofits become web savvy internet marketers, and we help them make the most of their online marketing budget.

We understand that nonprofits live on fundraising and their donations. And yes, we truly understand that fundraising expenses are best kept at a minimum and that a nonprofit is often limited in the amount of online marketing they can afford - This would normally mean less online exposure and a huge missed opportunity. But not with Divinity Star, we provide nonprofit discounts on our marketing services to help charities get the most out of their budget. This means nonprofits can now receive more charitable donations online without worrying about giving most of it back in costly fees and expenses.

Through our internet marketing services, we help nonprofit marketing in many ways:

  • Online Fundraising
  • Increase Cause Awareness
  • Build Subscriber & Donor Lists
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cause Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing

Divinity Star will work hand-in-hand with your nonprofit to access your goals and mission statement and develop a winning online marketing strategy. We’ll increase awareness for your cause online, and help open the door for more fundraising and cause related marketing opportunities.

We ensure nonprofits and charities get the exposure their causes deserve, just by aligning our work with their goals. And that, in turn, helps make lives and society better.

That is what the philosophy and driving force of Divinity Star: We "Align Business for a Brighter Future."