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Lead Generation Benefits

Unlike other forms of internet marketing, online lead generation or "lead gen" allows an advertiser to pay for performance. As a performance based advertising solution, lead generation allows businesses to obtain highly-targeted sales leads or generate online sales from only qualified customers and buyers. For advertisers, online lead generation is a low-risk form of online advertising because you only pay when a verified lead or confirmed sale is received. Our lead generation services are very flexible, and can accommodate almost any business need.

  • Flexible Pricing (CPL or CPA).
  • High-quality, Verified Leads.
  • Demographic Targeting Options.
  • Custom Targeting.
  • Day-parting.
  • Real-time or Batch Delivery.
  • Exclusive leads.
  • Pay only when lead/sale is generated.
targeted leads

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Lead Generation

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* Custom lead campaigns require a minimum commitment of $7,500. Targeted consumer and business lists are available with minimum spend requirements of $2,500.