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Divinity Star - About Us

Simply put, Divinity Star caters to the internet marketing needs of your small business. By developing custom marketing strategies, we can revolutionize your internet marketing to tap the internet, open up new marketplaces and build unparalleled success.

We know managing a small business requires business owners and managers to take on several roles, and diverse responsibilities. Whether it is finances, customer needs or managing inventory, your business requires time and attention in order to stay competitive in today’s business world. With this in mind, the untapped potential of marketing your small business online is easy to overlook. It is the lack of time, resource and expertise that keep many small businesses from trying to enter the vast online marketplace. They find it very challenging to maximize the internet’s ability to reach new customers and generate new business.

At Divinity Star, we eliminate all the guesswork involved with internet marketing. We work very closely with small businesses to build strategies and develop an effective online marketing plan. We will increase your online presence and bring your internet goals for your business, its services and products.

With our dedicated staff, business owners can have confidence in our expertise. We don’t use a canned approach to marketing your small business – instead, our internet marketing experts will work directly with you to understand your business and its long-term goals. We’ll translate your business goals into viable internet marketing strategy that will yield long lasting results.

"Aligning Business for a Brighter Future"

It is said when stars align everything is brought into harmony. What once seems impossible all of a sudden becomes possible. Divinity Star believes the same holds true when doing business.

We know success is more easily achieved when our goals are aligned with the goals of the small businesses we serve. By aligning our goals with those of our clients, the objectives that once seemed beyond reach now become more easily attainable. Whether it is increasing your customer base, growing sales, promoting your brand or serving the community, we make achieving your small business aims our purpose. As we help grow your business online, we align our work with yours and treat your business as our own. We’ll provide your organization with an advanced marketing strategy and a carefully planned internet marketing plan, and we’ll execute this plan flawlessly for you.

Internet Marketing Services

Capitalizing on our innovative internet marketing strategies will help build your brand and establish a strong online presence. Whether you already have an established online presence or you are online marketing for the first time, we will make the most of your online marketing and advertising efforts and increase your return on investment.

We manage your internet marketing needs with proven strategies for:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Paid Search Marketing Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions

We understand the demands and challenges involved with running a small business – especially when it comes to building an internet marketing strategy. Without the knowledge, expertise, or staff it’s often hard for small businesses to compete with large corporations.

Our affordable internet marketing services make it possible for you to level the playing field, become more competitive, and gain the recognition your small business deserves. Divinity Star provides the assurance that your online business is being marketed with the skills and knowledge required to stay competitive in today’s internet marketing world. Our team of dedicated internet marketing experts allows you the time to address business matters that demand your attention most.

Commitment to Charity

Divinity Star is dedicated to helping charities and the communities they serve.

We offer nonprofit discounts for the same internet marketing and ecommerce solutions that we provide for our corporate clients. Divinity Star steps in where the nonprofit may find it hard to afford marketing. We can give them the internet reach most companies have, and enable the nonprofit to compete for online marketing space. Our nonprofit marketing solutions help charities effectively expand their fundraising efforts, build larger email and direct mail lists, and increase awareness about their causes to potential donors.

We align our work to meet the nonprofit’s mission statement. And aligning our targets to the nonprofit’s goals helps to meet societal needs. That serves all society and helps create a brighter future.